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RRR Landscapers offers a high quality, bespoke garden design and construction service for Residential and commercial premises in Hyderabad and INDIA. We specialise in urban gardens, from basements to roof gardens, contemporary courtyards to classic terraces and lawns. We have built a reputation for landscape construction and garden design that is both creative and practical, creating outdoor spaces for our customers to enjoy day and night, all year round, without the need for high maintenance.

Our approach is to make the process of commissioning a new garden as easy as possible for the client’s.

From your brief we will produce a design that meets your requirements and can be implemented quickly, efficiently and to a very high standard. We will then manage all the garden planning, construction and finishing works.

We have our own specialist team who take care of all the construction work, including drainage and garden lighting, and we source all plants and materials ourselves. This enables us to keep tight control over project schedules and make sure the finished garden meets all your expectations.


Our Approach

The nature of development projects has the potential to damage the local natural environment, and therefore sustainability is at the forefront of our ethos, our philosophy and practice operations. Working with clients and design teams, we seek to work towards retaining and protecting the natural environment of woodland, trees, hedgerows, grassland and other important landscape and ecological habitats within development sites.


Our Services

For Residential | Commercial | Corporates | Hospitality | Townships


Commercial landscaping

Commercial landscaping involves the design and installation of outdoor spaces for businesses and other commercial properties. This typically includes walkways, parking lots, green spaces, shrubs, trees, irrigation systems, retaining walls, and more. It also includes maintenance services such as mowing lawns and pruning shrubs. Properly planned commercial landscaping can help create a pleasant atmosphere for customers or employees while providing a safe environment with proper drainage.

Residential landscaping

Residential landscaping is the design and installation of outdoor features for homes and other residential properties. This could include planting trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses and other plants; constructing walkways, patios, decks and retaining walls; installing irrigation systems or outdoor lighting; or building ponds and waterfalls.

Township landscaping

Township landscaping involves the design and implementation of a variety of designs to create aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. These designs typically involve a combination of hardscaping, such as walkways, patios, decks, and retaining walls; softscaping features like trees and shrubs; drainage systems; irrigation systems; lighting elements including installed lights and path lights; water features such as fountains or ponds; outdoor living spaces featuring seating areas and fire pits.

Hospitality landscaping

is the process of designing and managing outdoor areas in hospitality settings, such as hotel grounds, restaurants, resorts and conference centers. This type of landscaping typically involves creating aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces that enhance guests' experiences. It can include elements such as pathways, walkways, seating areas and water features. Landscaping in hospitality settings often focuses on creating inviting landscapes that are both functional and beautiful. Additionally, it may focus on providing a space for customers to relax or for them to gather socially with friends or family members. Lastly, it may aim to create a visually interesting environment that reflects the brand of the hospitality establishment or destination.

Industrial landscaping

Industrial landscaping typically involves the use of hardscaping materials such as stone, brick, concrete, and metal to create a unique industrial-style look. These materials can be used to create paths and walkways, walls for seating areas, terraces for planters or gardens, courtyards with fire pits or grills, and other features that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to hardscaping elements, industrial landscaping may also include natural plants such as trees and shrubs as well as water features like fountains or ponds.

Corporate landscaping

Corporate landscaping is a term used to describe landscaping that is done for businesses, organizations and institutions. This type of landscaping may include the installation of trees, plants, shrubs and other ornamental features as well as creating attractive outdoor spaces for employees and visitors. Corporate landscape designs need to be tailored to fit the organization’s culture, mission and budget. For example, if the company values sustainability, then implementing sustainable practices such as using native plants or installing rain gardens may be a good choice. Additionally, corporate landscape designers can work with clients to create outdoor spaces that encourage employee interaction and productivity or promote safety and security.

Our Main Goals Step By Step

  • Landscape Designing

    At RRR Landscapers, each landscape that is worked upon reflects the personality of the space and adds a touch of green for a perfect space. While undertaking landscape design, we assurance the incorporations of perfect plants and saplings, after taking into account the various environmental factors of the location, the colors and the overall design of the space To ensure you have nothing to worry about, once designed, we also provide garden and landscape maintenance services,


    Gardening and Landscaping are some of the most powerful ways of transforming the look and feel of your home and Commercial Spaces. We, at RRR Landscaping, care for your gardens and landscapes like our own and ensure some of the highly skilled professionals handle the execution of your landscape and garden designs. From laying irrigation lines keeping in mind water conservation to ensuring your plant’s health is always green,we go to great lengths to deliver picturesque and peaceful spaces.

  • Maintenance

    At RRR Landscapers, we understand caring for your plants needs special expertise. Hence, to make your garden a place where people head to for serenity, we provide dedicated maintenance services.

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